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Affordable SEO Services vs. Cheap SEO: What’s the Difference?

affordable vs cheap seo

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With every product on the market, there is typically a cheap version and an affordable version.

A company will launch a new product that soars with sales and becomes a hot ticket item that is all the rave.

Other companies will try to reap the same success or more by offering the same product but spun a little differently so that theirs looks more appealing.

One of the most common ways companies will try to get you to buy their product is by lowering the price significantly, but in order to do this, they also decrease its quality.

Then all of a sudden you hear the words, “well, you get what you pay for…” which usually means, you buy cheap, you get cheap.

Search Engine Optimization is one of those digital marketing services that is becoming mainstream with businesses because of its huge success rate.

So, if you are reading this article now, you are probably in the market researching SEO companies that offer the best and affordable SEO services.

Here are a few tips to help you decipher between cheap SEO and affordable SEO plans.

Don’t be tempted by the cheapest SEO packages with exaggerated promises

Similar to a “Lose Weight Fast!” gimmick, companies will try to sell you “Cheap SEO Service USA!” combined with unrealistic claims. It is tempting to want to see results fast, but they won’t be substantial nor will they last.

SEO is not a get-results-quick product, which some cheap SEO companies will try to flaunt. Good quality SEO takes diligent and stringent research to create an effective strategy designed for your business’s specific goals.

A credible SEO company will offer an affordable SEO service. The SEO company should assist you in creating affordable SEO packages, cheap SEO packages that are tailored to your business’s requirements while keeping your budget in mind.

Though, quality SEO services that produce superior results aren’t cheap.

As an expert in the digital marketing realm, let us help you to make the best decision for your company by exploring affordable SEO services vs. cheap SEO.

SEO Campaigns Require Strategy and Smart Use of Tactics


Every business is unique in what they have to offer and what their business goals are:

  • Target market
  • Industry
  • Niche
  • Outreach vision
  • Income quota

A reputable SEO company providing affordable services will consider all of these factors as they pertain specifically to your company, then integrate it into their research and data analysis. This sets the SEO campaign off in the right direction per your specific needs.

A cheap SEO company may not even ask you what your goals are. More often than not, they utilize a one-size-fits-all method, throwing your company into an automated formula that will spit out a non-customized approach.

We know you deserve better than the “fingers are crossed, I hope this works” tactic.

You want to feel good and secure in your chosen SEO company’s technique to increase your online presence, to drive quality traffic to your website with high conversion rates.

Protect Your Online Reputation

protect your online reputation

In an effort to make good on their “get results fast” promise, cheap SEO companies will cut corners and ignore SEO’s best practices. This could cause major issues for your online reputation with Google.

If SEO best practices are not followed because of cheap SEO solutions, then your business could be at risk for getting red-flagged by Google. Keyword stuffing and manipulation tactics implemented on the back end in an effort to get the quick results always backfire.

Google is smarter than you think and they can catch deceitful tactics to try to trick their algorithm into ranking your website higher.

This also interferes with the user experience. Websites that are written with only the keywords in mind will have poor quality and unnatural content, which is a huge turn off for users.

An end result you didn’t want to pay for – a high bounce rate. Your prospect clients can see through a scammy website who is trying too hard to get to the top of the result list.

Legit SEO experts stay up-to-date with the latest SEO strategies

In an attempt to prevent these types of schemes, Google is constantly changing its algorithms to evaluate good quality, relevant and credible websites to return at the top of the results. This is what their users want and will keep them happy.

With that in mind – a professional SEO company will take the time and effort to stay in the day-to-day know about evolving requirements of Google.

Not only that, but they will even make changes to their previous strategies in order to keep current with Google. This keeps your website in compliance and in good standing as well.

Increased Traffic with Quality Leads


With search engine optimization integrated into your website, within 6-12 months you will see an increase in organic traffic, by way of an analytics platform like Google Analytics.

Analytics help you see what advertising avenues that are most profitable for you: social media advertising or engagement, paid online advertising for local clients, advertising directed at a national audience, optimized content on your website, videos, etc.

Notice the word profitable. That is key. You may see a jump in traffic to your website through these various channels, but how much revenue can be attributed to it?

How many clicked the “contact us”, “call today”, or “subscribe now” button? These are valuable statistics that will really measure the success of your SEO campaign.

Seeing these statistics will help you and your SEO team to improve where your advertising efforts are focused and what tactics may not be needed.

Not all traffic is good traffic

Cheap SEO will only look at the numbers, the quantity, not the quality of the traffic going to your website. If you are investing your time and resources into digital marketing with the goal of getting an increase in your revenue, increased traffic with no action does not help you at all.

Some of them even hire Asian “Click Farms” to drive more clicks or social shares to produce fake traffic. Check out this unbelievable video as an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_pRsSM_sXQ

As mentioned previously, cheap SEO uses the one-size approach, meaning your website will more than likely land on result pages that are not completely relevant to the end user’s search.

The user will click on the link to your website, see that it does not meet their needs, then quickly leave your site – telling Google your site is not valuable, which will ultimately hurt your rankings.

Remember, the goal of implementing SEO campaigns into a company’s marketing and advertising strategy is to increase quality leads and sales, receiving a high return on investment – not just increase traffic to your site.

Valuable Content vs. Fluff

valuable vs fluff content

Another strategy of search engine optimization is to have superior content on your website. Content on your web pages needs to be written according to a specific strategy designed for your company. This includes integrating the primary keywords your prospect clients are typing into the search bar to find the products or services you offer.

To improve your rankings on Google’s results list, produce content that is valuable and relevant to your target market. Content writing is a standard service that an affordable SEO company will strategize with you.

Depending on how hard you want to drive your digital marketing strategies, the results you want, and, of course, the cost of the package – the frequency and length of the content can be adjusted accordingly

Blog and video content are incredibly popular with website visitors who are looking for tips, a how-to or explanation to a question, or even to get to know your company better. Valuable content posted on your website is also crucial for building trust with your clients as well as building your reputation.

Cheap SEO, cheap content

Because it is a well-known fact that content is vital for a thriving website, there are companies that offer content writing services for a cheap price. Be incredibly cautious with these companies because again, you’ll get what you pay for. If you pay next to nothing for the content, expect to get the same in return.

Content that is well-written with useful and accurate information is also highly effective to help your site rank higher on Google. Authoritative content writing often comes part of or as an additional service with an affordable SEO package.

A cheap SEO service will tend to stuff keywords into the headers and jam them into the content body without any substance or providing resourceful information. This is a huge turn off to both customers and Google, thus having the opposite outcome you were paying for.

As a business owner or the director of marketing, you may not have the time or the bandwidth to write quality content 1x a week or even once a month.

Hire an affordable SEO company that will take your goals, vision, and mission seriously to produce the content that you are proud to share on social media and post on your site.

The Proof is in the Phone Call


A smart business person, like yourself, will research the credibility, success rate, and reviews of enterprise SEO companies as this is the best place to start for a successful SEO campaign. Once you find a company that suits your liking, pick up the phone and have a conversation.

A credible, affordable SEO company will be happy to talk with you to get the full layout of what you want to accomplish with your SEO goals.

You have invested a ton of your time, resources, energy and finances into your business. The SEO company that you hire should have the same passion and drive as you to get you the results you’re looking for.

A company with affordable SEO services will treat you like a human being, respect your vision while giving you truthful and realistic expectations for the campaign.

SEO for cheap may have you second-guessing…

If you called a company offering cheap SEO services, pay attention to your gut.

  • Do you feel that the company genuinely cares about your needs?
  • Did all of your questions get answered or brushed over?
  • Was the cost of the product discussed more than the projected end results?
  • Do you feel confident in their customer service?
  • Did they offer tools to help you track the success of the SEO campaign?
  • Were you assigned a direct line of contact to set up the campaign and to stay connected with throughout the service?
  • Are you rest assured that the results they claim are attainable in the time frame stated?

If you are at all hesitant about handing your credit card over to them, try calling a few more SEO agencies who are offering affordable SEO services.

For long-term results, consult an affordable SEO consultant that offers an affordable SEO package that is custom to your needs.

They can also handle the management and development of your SEO campaign to ensure you get the results you want at an affordable price.

Your thoughts matter…

Let us know if this guide was helpful in your search for the right SEO company to get you going on your SEO campaign. We would love to hear your insights, experiences or answer any of your questions.

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