Pros and Cons of Social Media in Healthcare (2022 Guide)

pros and cons of social media in healthcare

Everyone knows that Facebook Groups are highly popular. You go to the social media outlet, which sees 4 billion people worldwide, find something you’re interested in, join the group, and enjoy this powerful tool on the internet. Since the use of social media worldwide has become a necessity for millions of people today, the importance […]

5 Awesome Patient Engagement Strategies for Your Medical Practice

5 Awesome Patient Engagement Strategies for Your Medical Practice

Companies that sell products and offer recreational services don’t struggle that much to get daily customers since people can be actively involved and practice recreational activities every day. Unfortunately, engaging patients is more difficult for health provider organizations. Most people don’t like going to the doctor, and it’s not easy to get people to be […]

Top 5 Most Important Standard Operating Procedures in Healthcare (How to Develop Them)

top 4 most important standard operating procedures in healthcare

Working in alignment with standard operating procedures is an essential aspect of any organization, especially in healthcare.  Ensuring that the whole organization – from the management to employees – is operating according to a formalized and coordinated process increases productivity and reduces the risk of errors. Although everyone may want to do their job the […]

Defining Medical Staff Responsibilities [2021 Guide]

defining medical staff responsibilities

Healthcare is a team effort.  Each member of a medical organization has responsibilities in promoting the quality and appropriateness of patient safety and care. A medical staff organization is typically headed by staff leaders such as the board of directors, hospital administrators, and managers to provide excellent leadership and guidance to the medical decision-making processes […]

What’s so Important About Location in Healthcare? (Hint: Everything)

what’s so important about location in healthcare?

Imagine a healthcare facility that caters to health emergencies in real-time? A facility that only takes a few minutes from where you are? A hospital with an on-call physician arriving on-time to look after the patients? They all have one thing in common: Having the right location.  You may think it’s just a plot on […]

How to Budget for a Medical Practice: What Experts Have to Say

how to budget for a medical practice

Each year, many medical practices end up in stressful financial situations, including falling reimbursements and bankruptcies.  In 2019, the failure rate of startups was around 90%, and one of the main reasons include running out of money. Although healthcare startups have the highest survival rate in the small business industry, financial mistakes can still be […]

How to Delegate Medical Office Staff Training (Successfully)

medical office staff training

In any aspect of life, training proves to be a vital part of personal growth.  For a workplace setting, training programs are implemented to improve employee performance, mitigate weaknesses, and establish a uniform and consistent system.  The importance of training is magnified in the healthcare industry as medical practitioners deal with preserving lives on a […]

Best Companies to Outsource Medical Office Tasks To

outsource medical office tasks

With lives on the line, efficiency and communication are vital in delivering quality medical services. Unfortunately, a lot of factors may affect the excellent services given to patients. One of these factors is the execution of arduous administrative tasks.  A study conducted by Woolhandler and Himmelstein surveyed 4,720 U.S. physicians, and results showed that the […]

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