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hospital marketing
hospital marketing

Digital Marketing for Hospitals

There are many creative techniques to promote your hospital business. We at Digitalis make it a priority to stay up-to-date with the latest and ever-changing marketing practices to help your hospital thrive with new patients.

We also want your hospital to be attractive to healthcare professionals who want to be associated with your hospital due to its healthy reputation. A hospital is only as good as its doctors and medical staff. Increasing your value with patients makes your hospital an ideal organization to work for too.

The hospital marketers at Digitalis work alongside with you to learn the purpose and goals you have in place for your hospital. From there we set out a marketing strategy to set you up for the best success.

Creating a powerful hospital marketing strategy unique to your needs

We use these methods because they have the proven power to produce the greatest return of investment for our clients:

Hospital SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes your website to the next level. When patients are searching the internet for the specialties your hospital provides, we take the analytics specific to your target market and your goals and apply them to the front end and the back end of your website.

The content on your website is specifically and uniquely optimized to include the keywords your target market is searching for to get to the specific services and doctors your hospital provides.

The back end of the website receives special attention to Google’s algorithm will acknowledge the intent of your website and place it appropriately on the results list.

The ultimate goal: get your hospital to rank higher for search engines, prompting more click-throughs to get to your website.

digital marketing for hospitals

Hospital Content Marketing

Once your target market of consumers lands on your website, the objective is to get them to stay awhile. The longer consumers stay on your website, the higher the value Google will place on your site, thus ranking higher on the search engine results page.

The content on your website includes blogs, videos, and social media interaction. These are very valuable to increase the user’s dwell time as well as to create a relationship and trust with your hospital’s name.

Digitalis specializes in hospital and healthcare marketing. Our writers capitalize on the strengths of your hospital, the services, the medical providers and the top-notch medical equipment that your patients will benefit from. We write with a purpose to talk directly to your patients, to engage with them and to get your hospital as a trusted name in the community.

Hospital Blog Writing

Blogs are an ingenious marketing method to improve rankings on Google’s result page. Creating valuable, useful and authoritative content increases your website’s worth with Google. The other added value for including blogs on your hospital’s website is the credibility that is gained with patients.

Our healthcare marketers create this rich content to include on your website to add a benefit to your prospect patients. Blogs help to showcase the knowledge and expertise of your hospital. Hospitals share their insights on the latest medical news, share groundbreaking medical findings, discuss new medical technology, or the latest tips on how to avoid this year’s flu.

The patient experience at a hospital is a major factor in the decision of patients and families choosing the best facility to receive medical care. With valuable, timely, and accurate content written for the benefit of the patients, trust is already being built.

Using the 4 P's in Healthcare
to your Advantage

using the 4Ps in healthcare

As online marketing specialists, we know the importance of 4 P’s in healthcare to help you achieve the best outcome. We incorporate the most effective hospital marketing ideas to help you gain the most traction to your site and increase recognition within your community.


Digitalis offers competitive pricing for marketing packages created with your goals and vision in mind.


Your product is the many services provided by a team of expert medical professionals and the top-notch care patients receive. Digitalis works with you and with the insights of Google analytics to focus on the specific areas that will be most valuable to promote within the community.


The placement we focus on is where your hospital’s website ranks for search engines. Integrating our healthcare marketing strategies will land your name toward the top of the list where the most clicks happen. People see your name on the top of the results list they are more apt to click on the link to find out more.


Not only do we want your hospital getting high rankings on Google, but we want your content to get noticed too. We work on the back end to promote the content on your website to increase its value and authority with Google. This is another proven tactic to drive more traffic to your website.

Digitalis, Your Award-Winning Hospital Marketing Experts

We understand the importance of increasing the patient census in your hospital. There is much invested in your medical facility and there are people out there that need your care.

We are the experts in the medical profession. We understand your needs, your vision, and goals.

Integrating these proven hospital marketing strategies will

  • Boost traffic to your website
  • Rank higher on search engine results lists
  • Increase trust and credibility with potential patients
  • Become a more prominent name in the community
  • Attract talented medical professionals to work for your organization
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