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Healthcare Marketing Consultants: Are They Worth Hiring in 2022?

Healthcare Marketing Consultants Are They Worth Hiring in 2022

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According to recent healthcare statistics, global healthcare expenditures are predicted to reach over $10 trillion by 2022, making the medical industry one of the biggest and fastest-growing sectors in the world. 

The truth is that healthcare providers are more concerned with developing long-term relationships with their customers rather than completing a single transaction. Therefore, they need niche-specific, tailor-made, intelligent solutions to give them a competitive advantage in an already saturated market. 

This is where a healthcare marketing consultant can help. Healthcare marketing is essential in assisting healthcare professionals in developing, communicating, and offering value to their targeted audience.

Most healthcare companies already have their hands full, so having someone else take the lead and identify the problems in your current marketing strategy to increase in-house patient numbers can make a world of difference. 

If you are reading this article, the chances are that you have already realized that your marketing plan needs work. Here are some reasons why hiring healthcare marketing consultants is beneficial to your business.

What Is Healthcare Marketing Consulting?

What Is Healthcare Marketing Consulting

Before discussing why you should hire healthcare marketing consultants, it may help first understand what a healthcare marketing consultant is.

Healthcare marketers or practice builders aim to reach and attract medical consumers, guiding them through their healthcare experience and keeping them interested in the healthcare system or professionals.

How Do They Accomplish This?

Healthcare marketers increase consumer engagement and boost company growth with professional marketing strategies. These strategies combine highly segmented, omnichannel, targeted offline and online techniques. 

Medical marketing consultants employ the “five P’s” of healthcare marketing to improve healthcare services. They are products, processes, places, prices, and promotions.

When Do You Need a Healthcare Marketing Consultant?

When Do You Need a Healthcare Marketing Consultant

Here are some of the benefits that medical marketers can offer you and your business.

1. If Your Marketing Plan Lacks Direction

Most healthcare providers fill beds by implementing reliable marketing strategies

You may not have realized this, but the truth is that hospitals, private healthcare offices, nursing institutions, assisted living facilities, clinics, and other similar medical networks all have something in common when it comes to high-performance healthcare: a carefully planned marketing strategy in place. It enables them to thrive by acquiring new patients while cultivating trust and loyalty among existing ones.

The good news is that a strategic marketing plan can be adapted to suit your healthcare facility or medical practice to ensure its success. It helps businesses to increase profits in a regulatory environment that is continuously changing and can withstand economic downturns. In extremely competitive markets, it can even outperform the competitors.

A skilled marketing consultant is a strategist. He or she will analyze all the variables that influence the market environment in which your business operates, collaborating with you to discover cost-effective digital healthcare solutions. 

These solutions focus on drawing in new patients and retaining them, so hiring a marketing consultant may be worth it if your existing marketing strategy lacks direction.

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2. Digital Marketing Promotes Patient Engagement

According to research, patients place a high value on medical practices that offer direct engagement. This indicates that people are looking for ways to obtain more value from their medical treatment beyond the doors of the doctor’s office.

They choose internet options to gain more accurate, trustworthy information regarding an illness they may have, or tips on how to deal with certain illnesses. 

In the healthcare sector, many concerns need to be addressed, and patients like how the internet has given them a larger platform to express themselves and receive the answers they require.

More direct patient engagement is often a priority for digital healthcare marketers, which is a sure way to keep patients happy and coming back to you for years to come, resulting in consistent revenue growth.

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3. New Patients Are Hard to Come By

One of the most prevalent problems healthcare practitioners encounter is a lack of new patients. If your healthcare organization has trouble attracting more patients, employing a marketing expert may be a good idea.

An experienced consultant can intuitively see that getting fewer clients is a problem that originates from a flaw in your marketing strategies. They can help you identify the issue and propose a remedy to increase patients and retain existing patients. 

However, it is important to remember that if you’re having operational difficulties due to poor business decisions, marketing may not be able to help.

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4. The Competition Within the Healthcare Industry Is Wearing You Down

If you’re in a competitive market and are suffering as a result, a marketing consultant can help you reclaim lost market share. It may also be wise to hire a marketing expert before the competition intensifies.

When healthcare professionals become complacent regarding the services they offer and their marketing efforts, they risk losing their clients to competitors. Practice builders devote time to analyzing the competition, examining both internal and external variables that shape your market.

This is an essential step in the process. Internal issues deal with your company’s strengths and weaknesses, while external factors have to do with the threats and opportunities available in that industry. Once the issues have been determined, the consultant can devise a plan to reclaim the market.

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5. You Have No Time to Dedicate to Marketing

Professionals in the healthcare industry have much to deal with. These physicians must attend to business problems in a profession where success depends on saving lives. They struggle to retain staff and have to sell their services and goods without appearing to profit from their patients’ illnesses.

By removing healthcare marketing from a medical practitioner’s to-do list, they can focus on other tasks, which leads to happier workers and better treatment for patients.

6. Your Reputation Needs Work

In the field of medicine, a practitioner’s reputation is everything. Patients lose faith in you if you have a bad reputation. Obtaining positive outcomes and experiences should be your first goal. 

Healthcare marketing consultants can assist you in various ways once you have successfully upgraded your standard of service. They can enhance and safeguard your reputation online and offline through customized solutions. 

This can be as simple as showing you how to maximize the number of reviews you naturally gain from patients or setting up a review automation system. 

Review automation is very affordable, as little as a couple of hundred dollars a month. The best systems automatically get feedback from patients after their visit and ask them to leave a review on Google, Facebook, Healthgrades, Vitals.com, WebMD, or other review sites.

Hiring marketing practice builders can help to improve both your reputation and your healthcare brand.

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Need a Medical Marketing Consultant?

Need a Medical Marketing Consultant

If you are looking for a digital marketing specialist with intricate knowledge of the healthcare industry, you can benefit significantly from the services Digitalis Medical offers. 

We can help your business exceed goals that it has been struggling to accomplish, assist with branding, engaging potential clients, and retaining current ones. 

Contact us today to discuss taking your business to the next level, because your success is our success.

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