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How to Do Home Health Marketing (and Generate More Revenue)

How to Do Home Health Marketing (and Generate More Revenue)

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Did you know that approximately 10,000 Americans turn 65 every day? This trend is expected to continue for the next 20-years. 

As technology advances, so does our life expectancy. The rising costs of healthcare pose significant challenges for older Americans who are aging in place. It’s no wonder that the home care sector is growing!

It is not easy to run a home-care business as there are many things you need to think about and manage. While your primary goal is to provide excellent care for your clients, it’s also important to exert more effort to make your business profitable

Marketing is an essential, yet often challenging aspect of running a home-care agency. Without a marketing plan, no one will be able to see how great your home care agency really is.

If you’re into the home health care business, keep reading to learn how to do your marketing strategies right and generate more revenue!

Why Is It Important to Optimize Marketing Strategies?

Why Is It Important to Optimize Marketing Strategies?

Companies are nothing without new clients, so getting them is one of the most important parts of making your business a successful one. However, home health care services have a hard time getting to both new and past clients since most people don’t like going to doctor’s appointments.

Regardless of that, if a home health care agency makes an effort to keep its clients and use enough marketing materials to get more potential clients and leads, it can significantly increase its revenue. 

However, if you refuse to adopt new home care marketing ideas, you may lose many of the clients you already have and reduce the number of new customers who get to you. 

There are many healthcare professionals in this country, and patients who don’t have any referrals from other people don’t know if the doctor they are seeing is good or not. In those cases, they mostly go for the healthcare brand that convinces them of doing so, and that would be the one that uses a better marketing strategy.

Even if you already have a regular patient, that person could leave and start calling another home health agency if they feel like your services aren’t good enough for them. 

Home Health Marketing Ideas to Help You Gain More Clients

Home Health Marketing Ideas to Help You Gain More Clients

If you are looking forward to improving your home health care marketing, this is the page for you! Read on to get some tips on how to improve your marketing efforts.

Ask for Referrals to Current and Past Clients

One of the easiest ways to boost your marketing possibilities is by asking past and current patients for referrals; they are one of the most reliable referral sources you can have. A business owner is always going to talk about how good their service is, so some clients may not believe what they have to say about themselves.

Previous clients are impartial people who already had experience with the doctor, so new patients may trust what they have to say. Some customers even look at home health care agencies online to see how reliable they are.

If you build a strong relationship with your patients, you can ask them to write positively about you on online review websites. Getting more clients means getting more referrals, so doing this is an effective solution that allows people to know how good your services are.

A 2021 Home Care Benchmarking Study stated that past and current clients are the top sources for referrals. You can also contact hospital discharge planners to improve your professional referral sources.

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Hire a Community Manager to Take Care of Your Online Presence

If you want to optimize home health care marketing, you may hire an online community manager who optimizes your social media accounts. In these cases, you first need to contact someone who knows a bit about professional photography to take pictures of anything relevant about you or your job. You can then upload those pictures on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

However, before doing that, your community manager must establish what your target audience is. You can then seek referrals and look for professional connections. Remember, creating Instagram posts for teenagers is far different than for the aging population and senior care patients.

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Receiving negative reviews is inevitable, but they are not going to destroy your business. If you want to reduce the damage these reviews can make, you need a decent business profile and to post regularly on social media. 

Apart from that, hiring a digital marketing company allows you to get into search engine optimization, which helps your home health agency get to the top of search results. Create a Google My Business profile to control how your information appears across different Google services such as Google Maps and Google Search Results.

Investing in healthcare ads is also a good idea, so don’t hesitate to pay someone to design Google ads and Facebook ads for your home care agency.

People mostly read online reviews and highly favor doctors with many positive reviews. You can use multiple platforms to reach out to other people and make referral partners, which means new people and existing clients can give you client referrals if you do the same for them.

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Focus on Patient Education

At last, but not least, we have patient education. This may not be that easy to do if you don’t have a decent marketing budget, but it’s one of the most effective health care marketing strategies you can apply in your company. 

Patients like to know what happens to them, so telling them more things about their case catches their attention and makes them feel part of the process. 

Doctors and nurses can always talk to their local community to tell them how medical procedures work and what to do in specific situations. Using printed marketing materials is also good since you could even get them in the local newspapers. 

You can also try to go to community events as a healthcare provider, offer your services there, and engage with more potential clients.

Take Your Home Health Marketing to the Next Level

Take Your Home Health Marketing to the Next Level

There are more caregivers in the world than you can imagine, so every home care business has to do something to increase its revenue. The same applies to business people and social workers. 

Whether it’s for children or senior citizens, applying the strategies named on this page can significantly help you, so don’t hesitate to try them.

Do you want to upgrade your marketing for your home health care services? Digitalis Medical specializes in healthcare marketing! Book a strategy call us today and let us know how we can help.

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