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Best Companies to Outsource Medical Office Tasks To

outsource medical office tasks

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With lives on the line, efficiency and communication are vital in delivering quality medical services. Unfortunately, a lot of factors may affect the excellent services given to patients.

One of these factors is the execution of arduous administrative tasks. 

A study conducted by Woolhandler and Himmelstein surveyed 4,720 U.S. physicians, and results showed that the average doctor spends approximately 8.7 hours a week doing admin work. 

To be able to build a strong foundation and avoid malpractice, clinics and healthcare organizations should explore solutions to let medical practitioners focus on their practice. 

The best solution is through outsourcing these laborious medical office tasks. 

Outsourcing tasks like appointment-setting, medical billing, and collecting patient feedback will help take a significant load off from healthcare professionals’ duties.

Ready to get your practice more productive? Read on to learn more about outsourcing, where to outsource, and why outsource your medical office tasks!

Reasons for Outsourcing Medical Office Tasks 

why outsource medical office tasks

Many factors affect the process of providing top-notch service in a medical facility. The three primary reasons that outsourcing can help reach this goal are as follows. 

1. Saves time and money 

The idea of outsourcing medical office tasks initially raises a question in company budgeting.  

In hindsight, compared to hiring new employees, and investing in equipment, billing software, additional computers, and many more, outsourcing can significantly reduce the amount of time and money you spend on doing these tasks on your own. 

Outsourced medical service providers already include human resources and sophisticated equipment to perform these necessary tasks. 

Additionally, you won’t be spending your time training employees because the outsourced workforce already has the necessary qualifications and experience. 

Thus, the money and time you’ve saved could be reinvested elsewhere to benefit the medical facility.

2. Boosts productivity

Physical burnout inhibits medical practitioners from performing their practice efficiently. It raises their risks to mistakes, which may even lead to malpractice. 

Reducing the medical practitioners’ workload through outsourcing solves this problem by returning their focus on the execution of their practice.

Enhancing patient experience means reducing the waiting time, quickly addressing concerns whether, via phone calls or front desk, systematic scheduling of appointments, and overall, harmonizing the customer service process.  

Furthermore, an increase in productivity immediately equates to a rise in cash flow and a massive boost in reputation

3. Establishes more control and safety 

Studies conducted by Deloitte show that more than 50% of companies outsource to focus more on their core functions. 

Maintaining the focus of the practice to its vital areas ensures coordination throughout every step of your procedure. 

Outsourced companies already have the mechanisms and processes laid out, with control and safety in priority. 

Third-party providers need to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), which will help safeguard private patient information obtained by the medical institution.

By strict observance of the HIPAA and maintenance of proper work etiquette, trust is safeguarded not only between the medical institution and the outsourcing company but also with the patients. 

Common Office Tasks to Outsource 

medical office tasks to outsource

Prioritizing patient care is the goal of medical practitioners. The following are the back-office tasks usually outsourced to reduce the load of medical personnel. 

1. Medical Transcription

Medical transcription deals with transcribing voice-recorded reports from medical practitioners and categorizing its purpose as patient records or other documentation forms. 

The purpose of outsourcing transcription duties is to avoid redundancy. Healthcare practitioners should not be transcribing their own or their colleague’s recorded messages. 

Performing the task requires the aid of transcription technology, which is procured by outsourcing companies. 

2. Medical Billing and Coding

Medical coding practice deals with translating the healthcare report of a patient provided by the medical professional into the corresponding numeric and alphanumeric codes.

The codes, derived from worldwide medical organizations’ standards, are the universal language in the field of medicine, insurance, and government agencies.

On the other hand, medical billing deals with the costs corresponding to the medical report’s codes. 

The financial statement, which includes all the services and treatment availed by the patient, is evaluated for insurance deductions.

The outsourced medical coding or billing company serves as the bridge between patients, healthcare practitioners, and insurance providers. 

3. Information Technology Handling

IT handling refers to the overall maintenance or installment of equipment in a company. 

IT service providers also offer technical support in terms of process improvement.

Healthcare IT companies will work to improve the quality of service in the healthcare domain. 

A few examples are software development, integration of billing software, information exchange, and providing analytics.

4. Telemarketing

Medical practitioners should not do marketing operations. Promoting the service offered in a medical facility could be performed by outsourcing companies.

Furthermore, healthcare professionals must perform the service availed by the patient with the highest quality. 

Outsourcing the marketing aspect aims to attract customers with proven quality service. 

5. Patient Support 

The patient support area includes appointment scheduling, inbound and outbound calls, billing concerns, and responding to messages through social media. 

Communication with patients outside the facility occurs through phone calls and private messages in social media accounts.

Outsourcing will ensure the smooth scheduling of appointments and provide appropriate responses to all concerns. 

Maintaining excellent customer service principles is vital in patient interactions. 

5 Best Companies Offering Outsourcing Services for Medical Office Tasks 

best companies to outsource medical tasks

1. Cogneesol

Cogneesol is a renowned outsourcing company operating in its 12th year, with over a thousand clients worldwide. 

They have been recognized many times as a top service provider in the field of finance and accounting. 

Additionally, Technavio proclaimed Cogneesol as one of the best outsourcing companies in the data-entry service market. 

Cogneesol offers a complete package in healthcare outsourcing. In the field of finance, their expertise includes cash flow reports, bookkeeping, and payroll accounts.

For data entry, they can handle a wide range of tasks regarding the management of all hospital records or the medical billing concerning the patient, insurance company, and the medical facility. 

2. Xtend Healthcare

Xtend is considerably the leader in implementing revenue cycle management. RCM is the process of monitoring all medical and administrative functions linked with revenue generation, payment, and claims processing.

Without this process, medical institutions would not have a clear view of the costs in need of settling to continue treating patients. 

Additionally, Xtend can provide medical billing and coding services and patient support.

Impressively, Xtend Healthcare is the top outsourcing vendor under the “Small Hospital Business Office Service” category by the Blackbook Market Research for 2018. 

3. Med Billing Experts

Med Billing Experts boasts their competence in all aspects of medical billing. The company is a division of Flatworld Solutions which offers vast outsourcing services. 

Additionally, their experience in using various billing services and an arsenal of medical billing professionals ensure their success in the task.

Aside from medical billing, Med Billing Experts also offer data entry services and patient support. 

4. Outsource Strategies International

Outsource Strategies International offers outstanding service in terms of medical billing and coding. 

Established in 2002, the company has ever since improved in providing comprehensive and cost-effective healthcare solutions.

Furthermore, their medical billing and coding forte apply to almost all medical practices. 

OSI operates in the principle of “personal service” catering specifically to the client’s needs. 

The company’s flexibility and quality helped in their accusation of a good track record. 

5. Call 4 Health 

The company’s establishment’s premise is to provide complete healthcare communication services all around the United States.

Compared to the expertise of the companies, Call 4 Health’s primary agenda is providing patient support as a communications BPO.

Call 4 Health was given the “Call Center Award of Distinction” in 2017 by the Association of TeleServices International using call professionalism and customer relationship management criteria. 

Outsource Your Medical Office Tasks Now! 

outsource medical office tasks now

Whether it’s for medical billing, coding, patient support, or any of the back-office tasks, outsourcing has been proven effective in managing time and cost constraints. 

The sudden trend towards outsourcing in the healthcare industry results from its many benefits in assuring excellent service for valued patients. 

That’s why, It has become vital in ensuring that the patients get the best services they can receive. 

Are you ready to outsource or automate your medical office tasks and improve your patient service capabilities? 

Share your thoughts and questions by leaving a comment below!

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