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What’s the first thing a person does to address his/her health issue? 

According to new research, 93 million Americans turn to Dr.Google to try to find the best cures and treatments all on their own. 

That’s why more healthcare professionals are also turning to technology to reach their patients. 

This leads to the question, what is the best way to connect with your patients online? 

Implementing an effective digital marketing strategy that is tailored to your specialty and services will garner the trust of your potential patients. 

With an increased online presence offering robust information, they will begin to see you as a medical expert who has the knowledge and expertise to answer their health questions.

When you work with us at Digitalis Medical, you will learn and apply current marketing trends to help you to obtain a more lucrative healthcare practice with an increase in your patient base! 

marketing in the healthcare industry

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Marketing in the Healthcare Industry Requires a Different Approach

Everyone says it about their industry, but in healthcare, it really is true.

We know that healthcare doesn’t encompass just one medical practice. There are several specialties and subspecialties intended to treat specific health problems. 

When marketing a vast and varying industry, individualized approaches have to be done.

Healthcare marketing is the process of strategically connecting and communicating with targeted healthcare consumers to guide them through their journey to better health. 

We know it is important for you to gain your patients’ trust and loyalty. Building a strong doctor-patient relationship also increases the effectiveness of your patients’ care.

With the right healthcare marketing strategies, you will be able to provide consumer-driven care. 

This can be achieved by educating patients with accurate information, integrating them into the health system, and delivering the best service and opportunities to your potential patients.

healthcare marketing different approach

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Why Should Healthcare Businesses Invest in Marketing?

We live in a technology-driven world where information on any topic, especially health-related, is readily available at our fingertips.

When your prospective patients enter a health-related search query into Google, your medical practice needs to be on the top of the list providing the most relevant and robust medical information that meets their needs.

This creates name recognition and builds trust with patients, prompting more click-throughs to your website and calls to your front desk.

So, how can you achieve this? 

The best way is to put your practice online and to make it easily accessible to your target patient market. 

However, it’s not enough that you’ve got your social media pages and websites built. You’ve got to learn how to market your healthcare business effectively online. 

It is paramount for healthcare organizations to leverage digital marketing when it comes to the best method when promoting their medical practices. 

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Specialized Knowledge is Required for Effective Marketing in Healthcare

Advertising and marketing practices have been established for ages. But when you take it to the digital world, there’s no one-size-fits-all marketing approach for healthcare practices.

Particularly with healthcare, the industry is so complex with multiple specialties. Specialized knowledge is required to be able to speak authoritatively on a specific subject.

But as healthcare providers, we know that you don’t have the extra time to build a blog, write awesome informative content for your audience, and learn how to best market your pages online. 

Here at Digitalis Medical, we work with subject matter experts to deliver accurate and informative content to your patients. 

Our healthcare marketers take diligent time doing in-depth research to produce quality high-ranking content. 

With us, you can establish your authority as the best in the industry and gain more patients in the process. 

Not only will you increase your credibility with your new patients, but Google will be impressed and put you at the top of the search rankings! 

effective marketing in healthcare

What Does an Effective Healthcare Marketing Strategy Look Like?

Digitalis knows the ins and outs of digital marketing. We take the best practices and integrate them specifically for your healthcare business. 

Here’s what we can do: 

  • Attract more patients through SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will take your website to the next level. We use the latest SEO techniques to rank your website higher on the results list, so you’re able to connect to more patients. 
  • Promote your practice through content marketing. Social media pages like Instagram and Facebook aren’t enough to market your practice online. We provide holistic content marketing efforts through blogs, videos, and social media interaction. 
  • Produce high-quality, evidence-based content through blog writing. Blogs are the best form of marketing to improve your rankings on Google. With valuable and authoritative content regularly getting posted to your site, you are sure to boost your credibility online and with your patients. 

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You Have to Understand the People Involved: Healthcare Systems, Providers, and Patients

healthcare systems providers patients

To reach out to your target patients and be able to understand their needs, you have to dive deeper to know who you are creating and advertising your content for. 

At Digitalis, we write specifically for your target audience. We speak to their specific needs and how your facility can meet their demands. 

But to achieve this, we need to get a deeper understanding of your patient’s unique values, needs, and interests. We take these factors into consideration when developing a healthcare marketing plan for you: 

  • What are the demographics of your patients?
  • What are your patients in need of?
  • What is appealing about your practice to your patients?
  • What are the unique offerings that your clinical team provides?

 The Digitalis Medical approach to healthcare marketing develops strategies tailored to your unique clientele. We speak your language to reach your desired patients.

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