Healthcare Blog Writing Case Study: Prescott Medical Aesthetics

Are you looking for the most effective way to increase quality traffic to your medical website?

Dr. Kim Harris of Prescott Medical Aesthetics was looking to grow her patient base while expanding the breadth of medical-grade, skin-enhancing services she provided. 

She called Digitalis Medical to help achieve her goals.

Read how Dr. Kim Harris increased the number of visitors to her website by 100% within 6 months and the powerful impact this had on her practice!


deciding on goals

Identify Her Practice Goals

The direction of a marketing strategy needs to be spearheaded by understanding the specific goals of the client.

Our first step with Dr. Harris was to identify her priorities.

deciding on goals

Goal 1: Bring in more local patients

Dr. Harris wanted to increase the awareness of her practice among the local community. 

She had a full line of skin-enhancing services that she wanted more men and women to benefit from. 

Her vision included expanding her service line to better fit the needs of her patients by providing big-city luxury treatments, often sought after in Scottsdale, in her small town of Prescott. 

Goal 2: Promote profitable services

The marketing strategy we used focused on local search engine optimization (SEO) rather than paid advertising. 

Local SEO is a cost-efficient and effective strategy to naturally boost a website’s presence online. 

Using quality and relatable content, Google will recognize the relevance of the website to what online users are looking for. 

With Dr. Harris’s wide range of services, we implemented the best local SEO practices to increase her rankings with Google. 

This included producing rich content to apply to her Google My Business listing, which takes into account the location of the users and the services they are inquiring about.

Matching the content on her Google My Business listing with the content on her website boosts credibility with Google as well as her rankings. 

… Until we tested her site speed. 

Dr. Harris had invested wisely in the creation of a beautiful website, but the loading speed was very slow, up to 10 seconds most of the time. 

Seeing a slow web page come to life, despite its awesome content and graphics, is painful and is a huge turnoff to visitors. 

What’s more, this highly impacts how Google ranks the website causing a decrease in its value.

site speed affects rankings with search engines


lets get strategic

Let’s Get Strategic

By understanding Dr. Harris’s goals and recognizing areas of improvement, we were able to come up with her specific healthcare marketing strategy.

The strategies that were implemented into Dr. Harris’s medical marketing campaign included:

  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Blog Writing

After performing speed optimization, we were able to get her loading speed down to 2 seconds consistently.


Next Step: Expand the Content on Her Site

Next Step: Expand the Content on Her Site

Cornerstone Content

Cornerstone content is the foundation of any website. This is what Google crawls through to determine its worth and what rank it deserves in the result’s list.  

To gain the max benefit, we expanded the content on her service pages to promote the most profitable treatments she offers to her patients.

In order to achieve the goal of expanding her practice, we had to expand her website. 

We added a large number of pages to richly explain the services she had to offer.

content marketing site structure

Patients appreciate as much information upfront as possible. 

The more valuable literature that is available on your website, the fewer questions your patients will have, and the more they will trust you.

The services that you offer should be easy to find on your website and be explained in robust detail. 

This leads to a more informed decision to be made by your online readers to contact your office.

“The more questions you answer on your website ahead of time, the more trust you will earn from a future patient.” – David

The final piece is implementing the expanded pages into the website.

We worked with Dr. Harris’s talented web designer, Sadie Sarti, who installed a mega menu onto the site to make the expanded services easy to navigate within a clean layout.

PMA Website Mega Menu


Blog Writing

Adding healthcare blog posts to a medical website is another extremely effective method to boost rankings with Google and trust with patients.

The method involves writing on health topics that are relevant to and will benefit the target patient audience.

With Prescott Medical Aesthetics, we implemented regularly occurring authoritative blog posts on her website to promote her services further and increase website traffic.

The blog posts were optimized with relevant keywords, high domain ranking links, metadata, images with alt text, and layout. 

The main purpose of each blog post was to highlight Dr. Harris’s expertise within the medical aesthetic services she provided. 

PMA Blog Post Snapshot

Blog Writing Results:

We got powerful results on the Prescott Medical Aesthetics site!

Dr. Harris experienced a 50% increase in her website traffic after just 3 months of improving her site speed and optimizing her website to boost her local listing results. 

get results with healthcare blogs

Then 6 months after integration, Prescott Medical Aesthetics had a 100% increase in website traffic!

With the increase in patients, she had to expand her practice to accommodate the new influx! 

Dr. Harris has had an exponential return on investment, and the practice is busier than ever.

These guys really know what they are talking about!
I have just started working with them for SEO, and have already seen results!
dr kim harris
Dr. Kim Harris
Prescott Medical Aesthetics

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David Sanchez, RN, is the founder and CEO of Digitalis Medical. He opened an addiction treatment center to help save the lives of those bound by drugs and alcohol. During this time he learned first hand the intricacies of healthcare marketing. His experience has afforded him the expertise and knowledge to share with other medical professionals who want to grow their medical businesses.

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