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Get Leads from linkedIn Within 30 Days!

My Phone Calls This Month:

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Let me show you how to get these type of results.


Learn how to generate hot leads from LinkedIn FAST.

Optimize Your Profile

Craft a profile that appeals to your perfect customer and motivates them to get on the phone with you.

Prospect the Right Way

Find the exact prospects you need, including job description, company size, industry, and more.

Get the Phone Calls

Earn trust, build relationships, and get on the phone as quickly as possible.


The LinkedIn Cash Method

Do you need to find new clients to get sales?

I was cold-calling and emailing, and spending thousands of dollars on Facebook and Google Ads to find new clients for my marketing agency.

I’ve spent years learning how to market and advertise for other businesses, but didn’t take the time to market for my own. 

I assumed the referrals and networking events would keep paying off.

Then when the economy changed, I was forced to start cold calling, cold emailing, and using paid ad campaigns.

It was time-consuming and extremely expensive. I had too little to show for all the phone calls I was making to get new clients for myself.

After years of trial and error, I developed a system to find perfectly qualified leads from LinkedIn and actually get them on the phone.

Within 2 weeks of starting, I had phone calls with 8 perfectly qualified leads. That equals adding $248,000 to my sales pipeline!

It works so well for me, I wanted to share this to help other businesses grow too.

What My LinkedIn Cash Method Includes:

  • Custom graphic design for banner image
  • Professionally written personal and business description 
  • Compelling personal title and calls to action to drive appointments
  • Create ideal lead profile including: 
  • Industry
  • Job description(s) and/or position at company
  • Size of business/number of employees
  • Location of business
  • Strike up conversation with leads on LinkedIn Messenger
  • Earn trust and rapport
  • Get them to want to talk to you
  • Mention your work and take conversation offline
  • Schedule phone calls automatically

Time is Not Your Friend.

Right now, like no other time in the history of business, we are being forced to focus on ONLY WHAT REALLY WORKS.

We don’t have the convenience of attending week-long conferences, going to Meetups, or 17 different networking events.

Will you get the help you need to thrive in the new economy?

Join my complimentary webinar to learn what really works right now, so you can build your business.


Questions About the LinkedIn Cash Method

The webinar is completely free, and our methods don't cost anything to implement on your own.

I'll give practical strategies you can use on the same day. Once you use these strategies, you'll start getting real quality leads into your sales pipeline. Within 2 weeks, I had 8 phone calls!

It really depends on how many leads you want. The typical business owner gets 3-5 calls per week from 15-30 minutes of work per day.

Consistency is key with our method.

My agency can do the work for you if you don't have time.

After the webinar you'll have the option to schedule a 15-minute call with us, and we'll take care of generating leads on LinkedIn while you run your business.

The LinkedIn Cash System works for anyone who sells to other businesses.

Here are a few examples:
Marketing Agencies
Public Speakers
Software Salespeople
Webinar Hosts
Business Development Professionals
...and more, of course.

Low value, high volume sales are not recommended.
Low-cost softwares
Any business where the value of a client is less than $500.

No. Our method works extremely well without paid ads on LinkedIn. When your messaging is working really well, LinkedIn Ads can definitely add fuel to the fire, however.

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