Medical Content Marketing

marketing for healthcare practices
marketing for healthcare practices

Achieve Your Goals with Medical Content Marketing

Your patients are on Google every day searching for answers related to their health concerns. 

Getting your practice at the top of the search engine results list using credible, quality and authoritative content will build trust with the patients you want who are in need of your health care.

Invest in a method that will cost you less while being 3x more effective than traditional advertising tactics. 

medical content marketing goals

Build Trust, Grow Your Practice

build trust grow your practice

At Digitalis, we believe that building trust with your target audience is critical for growing your practice.

The Digitalis Medical Content Marketing Strategy is tailor-made to showcase your organization’s specific offerings and specializations. 

Our propriety marketing strategy is unique to each healthcare practice we work with in order to increase your website’s visibility in results lists and to get your name in front of your desired audience.

Effective Healthcare Content Marketing

We have studied, researched and implemented a multitude of effective marketing campaigns for our clients. 

These have harvested amazing results including a jump in Google rankings, more phone calls, and an increase in the patient base.  

effective healthcare content marketing

We introduce to you our

Perfect Fit Writing Method ™

perfect fit writing method

Using SEO-optimized content writing, our talented expert team of medical content writers uses a proven approach to produce authoritative content that will rank high on Google’s results list. Getting your website’s content to rank “above the scroll” on Google is key to getting your potential patients to click on your website.

If Google designates the information on your website as relevant, credible and of high value, then the end-user will be more likely to trust that what they are looking for can be found on your website, prompting more click-throughs.

How do we create this patient engagement?

We incorporate these 3 effective steps into our marketing strategy:

Audience-target keywords drive the content writing process

Using premium SEO analysis tools, we use the statistics on the search terms, or keywords, your target audience is typing into Google to find information that your medical practice provides. 

Using audience-target keywords, we establish your organization’s customized content strategy to create content that is relevant to their search terms and your company’s expertise.

Cornerstone Content

This is a buzz-worthy term in SEO that speaks to the core of your website. 

The purpose of your company’s website is to have specific goals to attract your target audience, to keep their attention, and to be the answer to their needs.

The marketing strategy to achieve these goals is to incorporate cornerstone content onto your website.

Including cornerstone content as part of your website will provide the source of information your potential patients are looking for. 

This content is used to clearly describe and explain specific topics that pertain to your patients. The goal is for patients to find the exact answer to their queries on your website. 

This provides a reason for them to learn more about your practice by contacting your office.

Cornerstone content is written using the keywords generated by your audience, telling Google and the patients that the information on your site is of high value.

Unique Patient Value Profile

patient value profile

Digitalis focuses on building lasting relationships with our clients. We incorporate the same relationship-building approach with our digital marketing strategy. 

The goal — to make your company more appealing to your patients.

Researching the values of your patient profiles enables a laser-focused marketing plan, speaking directly to your patients’ needs and what is most important to them as they search online for a healthcare provider. 

We dive into what is of high value to the healthcare practices we work with:

  • What are the demographics of your patients?
  • What are your patients in need of?
  • What is appealing about your practice to your patients?
  • What are the unique offerings that the clinical team provides?


Our healthcare marketing provides you with content that is tailored to your unique clientele. We speak your language to reach your desired patients.

Create ongoing authoritative, fresh content

As part of your healthcare marketing plan, we focus on strategic, consistent engagement with your audience. Keeping your website fresh with up-to-date authoritative content will not only attract more readers to your site, but it will also promote higher rankings with Google.

As Google crawls the World Wide Web for the most relevant websites per search query, it also considers when the content was published. 

Organizations that are actively creating authentic content will be regarded as higher quality than those with out-dated information.

Those seeking health information trust content that has been recently published and is done so on a consistent basis.

Blog writing - powerful for healthcare content marketing

Blogs provide the best channel to reach your target audience. 

They are a source of valuable information that your patient profile is seeking. 

Showing that your organization takes the time to create these pieces that pertain to your patients’ needs increases trust and builds rapport.

Blogs can be used in many different formats to showcase your expertise and healthcare services.

  • A Complete Guide – This writing model goes into depth on a certain topic that is relevant to your patients. Present a problem then list proven and effective ways to solve it.
  • Q & A’s – Tith your day in and day out working with patients, you know their most asked questions. This is a great way to ease their minds before they even enter your office. There are also questions frequently asked on Google. Incorporate these in your Q & A Blog and become the expert they rely on.
  • Patient Story Highlights – Readers love to learn how others have overcome or improved their health. Highlighting patient success stories will attract your audience.
  • Problem and Solution Posts – This blog presents a problem that your patients often experience. In this post, your medical organization lists the best tips to help the problem.
  • Show Your Expertise – Create content that showcases your expertise in a certain area or on a specific topic.
authoritative content

… and the list goes on. The experts at Digitalis will do the research to see what content will bring in the most value for your website. 

This healthcare content marketing strategy will further increase your rankings on Google.

Expert Medical Marketers Working for You

We know that you do not have the bandwidth to create search engine optimized, high-value content. 

This level of healthcare content marketing requires dedicated time and a diligent focus to create information that will be of the utmost quality, utilizing the most strategic SEO tactics.

Imagine what it would be like to have a team of knowledgeable, professional, ethical and efficient marketers to focus on the production of creating this robust content. 

It is proven that content written strategically for Google’s searching algorithm ranks higher, gets more click-throughs and has increased conversion rates.

Digitalis provides the capacity to produce high-ranking and authoritative on-page copy, blog and article text to keep your website fresh for visitors and to increase credibility with Google.

Take Advantage of All that Medical Content Marketing Has to Offer

Working with Digitalis to create fresh authoritative content for your website will provide the opportunity to further engage with your potential patients. 

Consistent production of valuable and credible information makes for the perfect social media interaction with your target audience. 

Using social media platforms to promote written articles will further increase brand awareness and name recognition. 

Social media engagement will be incorporated into your healthcare content marketing goals. 

Getting your audience to share your content is the best free advertising you can get. 

Sharing healthcare tips and best practices in your blog posts and promoting on the various social media outlets will provide the ultimate source of information your patients are looking for, prompting a share among their followers.

Medical Content Marketing and Promotion

Another marketing strategy that we employ with our clients is content promotion. 

With our Expert Broadcasting techniques, we get your content in front of more viewers. 

Expert Broadcasting

Quuu Promote, platform sharing, and social promotion – 

We use robust tools to get your content in front of relevant viewers who are more prone to share your content with others. 

Paid content promotion through Pay-Per-Click display ads – 

We employ strategies to get organic search engine results, and we also specialize in creating paid advertising plans.  

advantage medical content marketing

Outreach to bloggers and influencers – 

The marketers at Digitalis research the influential leaders in the healthcare industry to share your content with. 

Getting other authoritative websites to link to the content on your site will also increase your site’s value and rankings with Google.

Marketing for Healthcare Practices

There is so much that goes into an effective marketing plan for your specific practice. 

Digitalis is the leading expert in healthcare content marketing. 

Our marketing professionals stay up-to-date with the latest marketing techniques to keep your website and its content ranking high with Google. 

We work hand in hand with you to identify your goals and what is most important to you and to your patients. 

We value your input and voice to create the most effective marketing plan that meets your needs and exceeds expectations. 

Getting your patients the care they need is just as important to us as it is to you.

Integrate Our Proprietary Healthcare Content Marketing, Get the Very Best Results

proprietary healthcare content marketing

You want to increase your patient base, we want to help you to succeed and we know exactly how to do it.

The healthcare industry is extremely competitive. We know how to give your company an edge on the competition with the most innovative and proven marketing methods.

We invite you to contact us. Share with us the specific goals of your practice and who you want to reach using best practices in SEO and outreach efforts. 

We make sure to involve you in every step of the marketing plan or as much as you request. 

Most importantly, we discuss with you the results of your specifically designed marketing strategy so you know exactly what we are doing, what is working and where we need to maintain our focus to get you the best results possible.

Digitalis Medical Marketing Works For You

digitalis works for you
digitalis works for you

We provide a diligent, hardworking team of passionate healthcare marketers. 

We love working with our clients and to see them succeed with our proven marketing approach. 

As you take care of your patients, let us take care of your marketing plan. 

We help you rise to the top and increase your patient base with effective and demonstrated strategies.

Contact Digitalis today to start the conversation about the best marketing plan for your healthcare practice. 

We look forward to hearing from you and getting to work on your marketing goals.

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