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Are you ready for patients to pay attention and schedule more appointments?

If you have been looking for an effective way to connect with your audience and to start building strong relationships with potential patients, then listen up.

Medical video production is a must to add to your healthcare marketing strategy.  

We at Digitalis Medical are in the business of making your practice thrive. 

Along with our many other proven healthcare marketing techniques, we consider medical video production a very important component to help grow your practice as you connect and build trust with your patient audience.

medical video production

Video Connects Like No Other Media

healthcare video production creates connection

A written-content-based marketing strategy is very effective when executed correctly. However, if you choose to only utilize this approach you are selling yourself short.

Videos open up a whole new world to reach your audience. This visual strategy puts a face, emotion, and personality behind your words and your brand.

Take a look at these eye-opening statistics that show just how much you can gain by incorporating medical video production services into your marketing.

You can experience:

  • Over 150% increase in your organic traffic from search engine results1
  • A significant boost in conversion rates as high as 80%1
  • Increased valuable engagement with your target audience with as much as 60% more qualified leads2

Get These Results!

Why Is Video Marketing so Effective? 

With YouTube positioned as the second largest search engine behind Google, it only makes sense that healthcare professionals should take advantage of this gold mine of potential new patients.

Consumers are hungry for unique, real content that they can relate to. 

Your patients are no different. 

Many people are seeking the best quality of life possible. So, if they are in need of specialty care, life-saving treatments, or just want a primary doctor who cares and listens, then the spotlight is on you!

With the fast-paced world we live in nowadays, capturing and maintaining your audience’s attention needs a strategic approach. Right now, that approach is through video production.

Here’s why: 

  • People give more time and attention to watching videos than they do reading content. They also retain 95% more of the information from a video compared to reading text.
  • If they think the video is valuable, then they are more likely to share it with others. 
  • A well-made video is much more likely to go viral than a well-written blog.

Here’s How Medical Video Production Can Work For You

When you work with the right video production company, you can quickly build a diverse medical video library to use within many online marketing channels.

Adding video to your website will greatly increase your rankings with Google because it places value on this content. 

Your rankings also increase as more people watch your videos and spend more time on your website.

In combination, the increased dwell time and the valuable information on your site tell Google that you have good quality content that should rank higher in search results.

Here are some ideas to help you start thinking about the type of quality video content you can have on your website:

medical video gets great results

Explain Your Services in a Video

Your patients are looking for a provider they can trust, not only for medical advice but also in the services and treatment you offer. 

You are the expert at what you do. This is the arena to showcase the specialty procedures you and your clinical team offer.

An Explainer Video will take the patient through a step-by-step process of the procedure they may need. 

As an expert in your particular field of healthcare, you can help ease any fears and worries while establishing a level of trust by explaining your services and procedures.

Your patient audience will start to trust you as they experience your sincere care and in-depth knowledge while discussing information relevant to their own personal healthcare. 

explain your services with video production services

Showcase Your Facility Through A Video Tour

A Video Tour of your facility is another effective way to connect with potential patients. 

As there can be some apprehension before going to a new provider’s office, a guided tour before they make an appointment will help to decrease the uncomfortable feeling of the unknown.

As a team of professional marketers in the healthcare industry, we know exactly what to highlight in your video. The lighting, the tone, the flow and sequence of the video all play a huge role in quality video production.

From your modern, sterile waiting room and the friendly front desk staff, to the faces of the clinical team and the cutting edge technology you provide – your video project will greatly expand the breadth of your practice.

do a video tour of your medical facility

Introduce Your Providers

At Digitalis Medical, we know how important the doctor-patient relationship is. 

Give that relationship a headstart with a personal video introduction for each provider.

Connect with your patient audience on their level.

Patients want a doctor they can trust. Be the expert they need.

A patient may be hesitant about receiving treatment due to a negative experience they had in the past. On the other hand, sickness or injury may cause them to seek help.

Now is the time to talk to this patient.

Family members who are caring for their loved ones will do anything to get them the best care possible. As they scour the internet researching hospitals and medical facilities, you can reward their efforts with a meet-and-greet video.

A one-on-one video with you and the other providers of your practice allows your patient audience to experience your expertise before they meet you in the exam room.

A personal touch online often leads to a handshake in person.

It’s a fact, people need human connection. Your video project will capture the humanness behind each one of your providers to effectively engage with your target audience. 

Start building that doctor-patient relationship now!

Introduce your providers in a video

Your medical staff makes all the difference.

Patients spend much more time with nurses and other staff than they do with providers. 

You will earn trust much more quickly by introducing them to the people who will walk with them through the healing process.

Your video project can walk your patients through what they can expect from beginning to end with a well-documented staff introduction video. 

This gives them a chance to meet the friendly and caring faces that they will enjoy interacting with when they become your patients.

Hospital Video Production

As a marketing company with experience and knowledge of the healthcare industry, we are driven to provide the highest quality and professional medical video production services to best showcase all that your hospital has to offer.

We take our time to sit down with you and your medical team to get to know you, your facility, your services, and your expertise. 

Each medical video project we work on with you is based around capturing the most accurate portrayal of all that you offer. This includes the care, compassion, and determination of each healthcare worker.

Our video production company will work with you on each of the elements listed above:

  • Explainer videos
  • Virtual tours
  • Getting to know the providers and the medical team

These marketing elements will drastically increase your online presence.

Along with gaining the trust of potential patients, your medical website will also gain more traffic, an increase in quality leads, and higher conversion rates.

Not only do we walk you through the creation and production of the video, but we also implement the final product on your website, fully optimized to rank higher with search engines.

This will further increase the visibility of your videos and website.

Learn More About Healthcare SEO

hospital video production

Increase Your Click-Through Rate by 380%.

As you gain more viewers on your website, it’s important to make it as easy as possible for them to take action. That is to call your office or to fill out an online form with their information.

Statistics show that viewers are more likely to engage with you when a ‘call to action’ is available in the video.

It makes sense. 

The video provides a place for you to speak directly to the viewers about their needs. You have just opened the door to a new relationship and the trust is starting to build. 

While you have their attention, invite your audience to contact your office, where they can ask more questions, and book an appointment.

Social Media Video Production

At Digitalis Medical, we are all about staying up to date with the latest marketing trends. 

We keep track of your target audience’s behavior online so that you can meet them there.

In today’s age, your target patient audience is heavily using social media platforms to get the latest news, to get more information on certain topics, and to stay connected with others. 

92% of mobile device users will share videos with others. 

Facebook still reigns as the most popular social media platform. Even though YouTube is second to Google for search queries, analytics show that Facebook videos get more shares and interactions than YouTube videos. 

Our medical video production services include integration and interaction in different social media platforms. 

Take a look at those sitting in your waiting room. How many patients are passing the time by browsing on their mobile devices? 

That’s right, your target audience spends a huge portion of their time watching videos on social media via handheld devices. 

social media video production

The number of videos watched on mobile devices increases by 100% every year. Of all videos watched online, 75% are on mobile devices.

At Digitalis Medical, we strategize to get your video content on their screens.


We want to keep you ahead of your competition. 

More and more businesses and companies are turning to video marketing to engage with their target audience. 

Staying active in social media through videos increases trust and builds relationships with patients, improves brand awareness, and boosts traffic to your website.

Learn More About Hospital Marketing

Create Your Own YouTube Channel

With more viewers turning from traditional TV programming to new, relatable, and engaging videos on YouTube, creating a YouTube channel for your medical practice is a highly recommended strategy.

Taking advantage of the second most-used search engine will provide your practice with more opportunities to reach your target audience. 

High-quality videos will get the attention of viewers and high-quality content will keep them interested. 

Creating a YouTube channel is relatively simple and free. It also creates another avenue for viewers to link to your website.

Using our medical video production services will ensure the creation of professional videos that you will be proud to upload and your audience will want to share.

create your own YouTube channel

Patient Testimonial Videos

We saved the best for last. 

Patient testimonial videos have a profound impact on others looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable doctor.

Providing testimonial videos that relate to what your prospective patients are experiencing creates an “I want that too” mentality. 

“I want that same care and attention for my healthcare needs.”

“I, too, want to feel assured that my medical team is doing everything they can to help in my recovery.”

“I also want to be able to trust my healthcare provider.”

Everyone wants to have the best quality healthcare possible with a medical team they can trust.

Medical video production that includes patient stories creates an even deeper connection with your audience. 

Real people sharing their success with your medical team and services creates a powerful message worth sharing! 

patient testimonial videos

High-End Video Production, Delivering Your Message with Finesse

From script to lighting, graphics, and animation, to the final cut and platform optimization – we are your well-equipped and professional video production company.

As professionals in the medical industry, we know the hot-spots to capture and portray to have the most impact with your audience.

We use our expertise in medical SEO to get your video content in front of your prospective patients, driving more traffic to your website, and converting more registered patients.

Not only that, but your medical facility and providers become household trusted names. Your reputation and authority in your specific field will also experience a boost.

Partner with us at Digitalis to take your practice to new heights.

video production for the healthcare industry


1Lister, Mary. “37 Staggering Video Marketing Statistics for 2018” Wordstream, 7 Feb. 2020,

2Moshin, Maryam. “10 Video Marketing Statistics That You Need to Know in 2020 [Infographic]” Oberlo, 13 Jan. 2020,

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