Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Are you struggling to achieve any type of significant growth in your medical business with your current marketing strategy? 

Does it feel like you are in a marketing black hole and your budget is dwindling with no tangible results?

If you are a healthcare organization who feels that you’ve tried every medical marketing tactic to no avail and are paralyzed by the overwhelmingness of it all…you are not alone.

The best of the best and most flourishing medical practices had to start someplace too. 

We at Digitalis Medical are here to help you achieve the goals you have for your practice by applying the right marketing strategies that are specifically designed for your practice.

Our unparalleled healthcare marketing strategy will help grow your medical business to the forward and upward momentum you’ve always wanted to achieve.

Speaking from Experience

As the founder and CEO of Digitalis Medical, please know that the questions presented to you in the intro of this page are expressed by pure experience. 

While establishing and growing my own healthcare facility, I feel like I have been through the wringer myself trying to find the most effective approach to market my healthcare organization.

Healthcare Marketing Strategy Measurable Growth Makes All the Difference

At one time, I was pouring 5 figures per month on, Google Ads, and multiple agencies to find the best bang for my marketing budget.

That’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I hired my own team of medical content marketers and developed a marketing system to propel the growth of my own practice.

This experience also led me to embark on a new journey to help other medical professionals achieve the same success.

Let Us Introduce

The 2020 Digitalis Growth System

The Digitalis Growth System Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Designed specifically for the growth of healthcare organizations, the Digitalis Growth System is an established and proven-effective healthcare marketing strategy. 

Marketing is not a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Each industry needs its own tailored marketing plan to effectively reach the desired target audience.

The healthcare industry, in particular, is a unique field to market. 

The healthcare system is composed of numerous sects of medical specialties, each treating patients meeting certain criteria. Every organization has its own audience of potential patients and demographics to market to. 

Understanding this dynamic, the Digitalis Medical online marketing strategy has consistently delivered amazing results to providers, resulting in significant growth in their medical practices.

The Digitalis Growth System Simplifies Marketing in Healthcare 

The features of our healthcare marketing strategy have been purposefully crafted to enable an impactful return on investment. 

The Digitalis Growth System encompasses:

  • A custom-built Growth Plan for your healthcare organization
  • Access to an easy-to-use platform to clearly see the performance of applied marketing efforts
  • A proactive and dedicated team of experts to successfully implement and foster your Growth Plan year after year

{Dive in Deeper to Learn More Details About the Digitalis Growth System}

Our Commitment to You

Along with the marketing strategies that have been developed with precision and care, we want you to be confident in the services you receive and in the people who are providing them for you.

We hope to cultivate this confidence by sharing with you exactly what our digital marketing agency has been founded on, believes in, and practices every day.

Our Core Values:


We’re here to help people and share the success that we have achieved. 

Going the extra mile goes a long way with our clients, and we are here for the long haul to support the success of your medical practice.


Integrity matters. 

Exhibiting integrity with our clients builds trust. Earning your trust is of paramount importance to us.


We constantly bring our A-game, which is our top attitude and aptitude.

We’re committed to excellence. 

Our healthcare providers, partners, and co-workers deserve the best of our excellence every day.


Our team is powered by a strong desire to achieve the ultimate best output for our clients 

There are times when mistakes happen. To keep in line with our commitment to excellence, we admit our blunders and fix them speedily.

Excellence begins with accountability. Accountability relies on communication.


Over communicating is better than dropping the ball.

You should never feel like you have been left in the dark or left wondering what we are doing.

We value our relationship with you and prefer to keep you in the loop with all we do unless you prefer otherwise.  


Measurable growth is critical. 

If we are not able to provide tangible and measurable results, then we have failed to deliver.

We analyze, integrate, and facilitate the most powerful marketing strategies to nurture the success of your healthcare practice – that is why we do what we do. 

{Learn more about Digital Medical}

The Digitalis Promise

  1. Personalized Service 

We regard every one of our relationships with our clients with profound respect. It is a great honor to be able to work alongside other astounding healthcare professionals. 

We take our time to listen to what is important to you and to fully understand your vision and goals. This enables us to deliver what is expected. 

  1. Excellent Communication 

Investing in new marketing strategies requires consistent updates and progress reports to show the work being done. 

We are more than a marketing agency. We are partners with you on your journey of growth and success. 

We believe in transparency with excellent communication to make sure all details are covered and fully explained.

  1. Measurable Growth

You want to see your investment at work and we are more than excited to show you in great detail.

We provide you with data, analytics, and progress reports so you can clearly see the results of our carefully crafted marketing tactics designed for your organization. 

(Get a Broader Knowledge of Digital Marketing in Our Blogs)

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Real Client, Real Results With Measurable Growth

Real Clients Real Results with Marketing in Healthcare

Prescott Medical Aesthetics 

Dr. Kim Harris, an Aesthetic ND and the owner of Prescott Medical Aesthetics, came to Digitalis Medical wanting to increase the organic traffic to her website.

Her goal was to become more discoverable to potential patients online who were searching for the services she offered. 

She also wanted to expand her menu of services, as well as her medical aesthetics practice.

Dr. Harris jumped on board to implement the Digitalis Growth System with a customized medical marketing plan that would powerfully enhance her marketing efforts. 

Measurable Growth: A 100% Increase in Website Traffic

Within a quick 3 month timeframe, her website traffic jumped up by 50%. After 6 months of implementation and continuous integration, Dr. Harris’s website traffic increased by 100%.

What did this boost in traffic mean for Dr. Harris?

She experienced an increase in her profit which afforded her to add more advanced equipment and services. She also hired more providers to accommodate the increase in her patient base.

Read more about the specific marketing strategy that helped Dr. Harris to gain these amazing results!

North Valley Women’s Care

Dr. Melissa Austin, MD was ready to make the vision of opening her own private OB-GYN practice a reality. 

We identified Dr. Austin’s goals and placed them into the Digitalis Growth System to create her customized marketing plan. 

The main drive behind her marketing strategy was to develop the most effective and fastest way to get her new healthcare practice up and running with a steady flow of patients. 

Starting from scratch, she needed a brand and healthcare website to promote her new practice online. 

She wanted to reach potential patients that needed her OBGYN services. We structured her website and content production with her target audience in mind. 

Nailing these marketing strategies was crucial in boosting her organic search engine rankings to ramp up her online presence.

Getting to work fast to meet her deadline, we applied our core values and came through on our promises to deliver impressive results.

Measurable Growth: A Skyrocket in Website Visitors from 0 – 1,000/Month

Dr. Austin’s new healthcare website experienced exponential growth in the number of visitors every month within just 3 months of going live. 

Not only did she gain a rise in visitors, but her website also converted these leads into patients who were coming from the Phoenix metro area and Scottsdale to her north Glendale location — all because of her increased visibility from her modern, beautiful website.

As a result, Dr. Austin was able to expand her team of clinicians to include another physician, an NP, and a PA.

Are you dreaming of attaining these awesome results?

Read more about the healthcare marketing strategies that were implemented in the North Valley Women’s Care website.

Get More When You Work With Us

Get more when you work with us for digital marketing for healthcare

Our team is delighted to be working with healthcare organizations and the substantial growth they experience.

When you choose us for your healthcare marketing, know that you will get way more than numbers, data, and increased online presence and traffic.

Working with us at Digitalis Medical, you also reap the invaluable benefits of:

1. Peace of Mind 

No more paralysis or being overwhelmed by how to effectively spend your healthcare marketing dollars to reach more potential patients.

We have already played the trial and error game so you don’t have to.  

As the experts of healthcare marketing, we have learned from experience and know what is effective and what is a waste. You can trust that you will get the biggest return for your dollar when you work with us.

We stay current with all of the changing digital marketing trends so that you can focus on your practice’s growth and remain in competition with other healthcare companies. 

2. More Time to Take Care of Patients 

It’s imperative that you are able to focus on the most valuable piece of the health system — your patients.

Your patients need your undivided attention and care. 

You can leave the figures, strategies, and implementation of your healthcare marketing to us.

3. More Time to Work on Your Practice

Just like the ever-evolving digital marketing strategies, the healthcare industry is always changing and advancing too.

As you research and think-tank on the different services and healthcare providers you want in your practice, we are your brainpower, eyes, and ears to keep your marketing strategy thriving.

Plan the Future of Your Medical Practice

Where do you want your organization to be one year from now?

How do you plan to get there?

There is no silver bullet. 

The advancement and growth of your medical practice will depend on choosing and implementing the best-fit strategies.

Plan the Future of Your Medical Practice with Healthcare Marketing

With our expertise and guidance, we help you apply and execute the following healthcare marketing strategies:

Organic social media

  • Social media ads
  • Google ads
  • Web design
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • TV/radio ads
  • Photography and videography
  • Print advertising

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Experience a Night and Day Difference

Recalling my days working endlessly to find a marketing plan that would reap a return left me in a wilderness of frustration.

Can you relate?

  • Most marketers don’t understand healthcare or speak the language.
  • They don’t understand what potential patients want or need.
  • Time and money have been wasted on ineffective marketing tactics.
  • Frustration from mediocre marketing efforts that don’t fit together.

Looking back now, I see that time as a blessing in disguise.

The fire I went through ultimately purified our healthcare marketing strategy to become the spot-on solution that can now help other medical professionals. 

Experience a Night and Day Difference with Our Healthcare Marketing Strategies

How our clients feel now:

  • Peaceful about marketing and their practice itself
  • Confident in their future
  • Equipped to reach the goals for their organization
  • Energized and focused on what they love to do

We would love for you to become one of our many success stories.

Give us a call to discuss the goals you are wanting to achieve for your medical practice.

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