Healthcare Website Design

healthcare website design by the experts

Healthcare professionals all have one goal in mind, to connect with new patients and strengthen relationships with existing ones. 

This is true for those working in a clinic, healthcare organization, insurance group, or hospital.

In building a patient base, “word of mouth” may have worked in the past. 

However, if you want to bring your patient outreach to the next level, you need to consider putting your practice online.  

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healthcare website design by the experts

Your Practice Needs A Website and Here’s Why

why your practice needs a website

Are medical websites worth having? Here are some facts you need to know: 

  • 47% of patients use Google to search for doctors and clinics 
  • 66% of patients verify their doctors and healthcare facilities on the web
  • About 30% of Americans share their experiences with doctors and their treatment stories on social media

Setting up a healthcare website for your practice isn’t only going to make you more visible to patients online, it also:

  • Makes for an easy way to search and contact with your clinic or office 
  • Digitalizes appointment systems 
  • Showcases your services and healthcare team 
  • Provides a place to educate your patients with blogs and downloadable resources
  • A platform for sharing the testimonials of your patients and their success stories 
  • Allows instant feedback from patients to help improve your practice 
  • Redirects your patients to your active social media channels

That’s why doctors and healthcare professionals who have taken advantage of the power of the world wide web are now becoming game-changers in the healthcare industry. 

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The Digitalis Process: Getting Your Healthcare Website Design Right The First Time

the digitalis website design process
the digitalis website design process

Your reputation as a healthcare professional goes beyond your practice and experience. Online, your reputation relies on the way you present your practice through your website. 

Where do you start if you want to publish an amazing medical website? Here at Digitalis Medical, you can trust us to get your healthcare website right the first time.

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Forget the boring, slow-loading website templates and unengaging medical website home page design. 

Our expert team of web developers will help you build that modern, clean, and engaging website you’ve always dreamed of for your practice. 

We produce one-of-a-kind, custom-designed medical websites with top-notch speed and multiple layers of security.

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As digital marketing experts, we have the skills to put your website at the top of Google’s search results. 

Our team of adept medical writers is ready to write informative and educational content that’s optimized to reach as many prospective patients as possible.  

Want to know more about the Digitalis Website Design process? Here’s our step-by-step guide to making a healthcare website design.


Choose a Sample Website Layout

choose website layout

You want a medical website that will connect and engage well with your future and current patients. 

When choosing a professional medical website design for you, we consider the following healthcare website design tips: 

  1. Eye-catching and engaging web design. Users are naturally drawn to medical websites that look modern, clean, and organized. When we create a web design for you, we design it to allow for an engaging, user-friendly interface. We provide sample layouts for you to choose from to help us get a better sense of design and structure that best portrays your brand and voice.
  2. Desktop and mobile website optimization. Many healthcare websites have web designs that look great on the desktop. However, many also fail to look at how the website displays itself on the phone. Our medical web designs always respond well to both desktop and mobile. 
  3. Easy-to-navigate web design. Every page on your site should be interconnected. We make sure that your web design allows your users to navigate easily through your pages and blog posts. 

What We Do

  1. Let us know your favorite 1-3 web design and what you like about them. 

Do you know exactly how you want your website to appear? You can get inspiration from website template boards. Check this link out! You can even pool your favorite web designs in a Pinterest board so we can collate the styles you’ve been eyeing. 

      2. Include any other healthcare websites that you like and what features you like about them. 

Found other healthcare websites that embody the look and feel of your practice? Send the links to us and let us know what features or layout you want to incorporate on your site! This guides our designers in creating a custom web design you’ll love.


Create Content Your Patients Will Love

create content for patients

What’s a good medical website design if it’s not showing up on the front pages of Google? 

The visual appeal of healthcare websites is just one aspect. It’s the content and information written on your web pages that will get you closer to reaching your patients online. That’s why, in our Digitalis process, we put a high priority on optimizing your website’s content so that Google can clearly know what your practice is all about. Through the latest and most strategic SEO tactics, it’s our goal to design and write every webpage so it will boost your credibility with Google.  

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What We Do: 

1. Write Authoritative and Informative Content 

Google puts the experts at the top of their search pages. After all, the first things we click on when looking for answers are websites that present the most accurate and educational content. When we build your website, we establish your credibility and expertise by writing informative and authoritative on-page content and blog posts tailor-suited to your practice. This will help Google know you’re the best at what you do — whether it’s being an expert dermatologist for acne-prone skin or an experienced OB-GYN knowledgeable in PCOS. 

2. Produce SEO Content 

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a digital marketing practice that aims to increase the number of visitors on a website by ranking high on a search engine’s results page. There are various techniques to improve the SEO of a website, and content writing is one of the most important to successfully increase your visibility on Google. 

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Our digital marketing organization is award-winning for a reason. 

On top of writing high-quality medical content for your website, we also apply the most-proven SEO techniques into each web page and blog post we write for you. 

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1. Design web and blog pages based on the written content 

Once the content of your website is laid out, it’s time to go to the drawing board and design the elements of your website. This is usually the longest step because we design the layout around the written and visual content. Here, we determine which photos would work best and include call-to-action buttons to keep your visitors well-engaged with your website. 

  • Incorporate images, videos, written content, or research. Condense, rewrite, or expand existing content 

We like to keep you involved in our design process. If you think our layout needs some tweaking, we welcome any additional images, videos, resources, and other information you want to include on your website.


Create the First Visual Draft

creating the first draft

Website layout? Check! On-page content? Check! 

The preparations in the first 2 steps are crucial in creating the first draft. Now, we have the tools we need to create the first visual draft for you.

What We Do: 

  • We create the custom design of the site for 3 screen sizes: desktop, tablet, and cell phones.


In this step, we prioritize the importance of responsiveness to your website’s design. Not only should they present well on a desktop, but it’s also important we get the design to display well on desktops and mobile devices. When we show you our first draft, we will include all three layouts to give you the look and feel of the end-product we are aiming for.


  • We will create a private draft site and send you a link to review it and give us feedback.

While your website is still in progress, we give you special access to our drafts by sending you a private link. We give you ample time to review it, so you can list all your comments and suggestions. Your feedback will help us to make the final changes it needs before publishing the site. 

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Final Development and Going Live

final development and go live
  • We value your feedback and we work hard to improve your website just to your liking. Once the final content and visuals are approved, we migrate the site to the final host.

Once done, your healthcare website is finally ready to be published and go live!

What We Do: 

  • We test every form, button, and link.

Website bugs and redirects drastically affect user experience. To make sure everything is working properly, we go through each page and double-check the functionality of every form, button, and link. 

  • We install extra security features.

We don’t want all our hard work to be put to waste by hackers and cybercriminals. Website security is a critical component of web development. Cyber attacks can seriously damage your reputation and make you lose potential patients in the long run. To avoid these mishaps before your healthcare website goes live, we install additional security to protect the data and integrity of your website. 

  • We perform speed optimization for fast loading.

Who wants to visit a website that opens at turtle-pace? Optimizing website speed is another crucial aspect we need to integrate before we’re ready to publish your website. Prior to launching, we test website speeds multiple times to ensure your visitors have a smooth-sailing experience while navigating your website.

  • We go live, and publish the site!


Begin Hosting, Maintenance, and Security Billing

web hosting and maintenance

When you have us take care of your healthcare website design, we just don’t stop at developing and designing.

Digitalis is here to offer hosting, maintenance, and security services to keep your website up and running. 

  • In hosting, we make sure that your website is parked and live on your preferred dot.com. 
  • We also do maintenance checks to ensure that all the pages are working seamlessly. 
  • To continuously look after the health of your site, we can also provide you with on-going security services. 

What We Offer: Website Maintenance Options

  • Lite Plan: Basic hosting services, SSL certificate (basic security), but no ongoing maintenance
  • Silver Plan: Basic hosting services, premium security, 1 basic update per month, and ongoing WordPress maintenance
  • Gold Plan: Cloud hosting, premium security, CDN (speed and security upgrades), privacy policy, terms and conditions, 2 basic updates per month, and ongoing WordPress maintenance

Client Success Story: North Valley Women’s Care

north valley women's care

We’ve worked with multiple medical practitioners and organizations to bring their websites live online. 

Through a seamless user experience and an elegant website design, we were able to help Dr. Melissa Austin, MD, an OB-GYN and founder of North Valley Women’s Care, bring in more patients to her new clinic location. Our drive was to design the website through a patient’s point-of-view. We knew that patient experience is vital to gain more visitors and earn their loyalty in the long run. 

In addition, we also considered influential factors like: 

  • Using a layout that makes it easy for patients to find answers to their questions 
  • Making resources and information pages easily accessible
  • Giving her future patients an easy way to set appointments at her clinic

After just 3 months of going live, northvalleywomenscare.com had been viewed 1,498 times! This influx of new website visitors eventually converted into her new patients. Now, Dr. Austin is getting phone calls left and right from new patients every day!

“I trust Digitalis Medical to do their work just like my patients trust me to do mine. Now, we are seeing a lot of new patients!”

Dr. Melissa Austin, MD

Founder, North Valley Women’s Care

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Get Your Practice Live Online with Digitalis

It’s not enough that you open a new clinic or join a healthcare organization. 

If you want your practice to truly flourish, now is the time to get yourself online and establish your own healthcare website. 

Making a healthcare website design doesn’t have to be a daunting experience anymore! 

With the Digital Website Design Process, you can ensure that your healthcare websites are designed with both aesthetics, functionality, and Google-visibility in mind! 

We work with you to find the best-fit medical website design and digital marketing strategy so your practice thrives online. 

Interested in launching your first medical website? Don’t wait any longer! 

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