Top 11 Healthcare Website Design Trends To Follow

healthcare website design trends

Medical practitioners are leaning towards expanding their life-saving services through web development and digital marketing, and that’s because over 70,000 people find healthcare providers online daily. So, it is just about time that we discuss the top healthcare website design trends that can remarkably help you, healthcare professionals, get more traffic and visitors, and turn […]

15 Strategies To Improve Your Local SEO for Healthcare

local hospital

Welcome to the digital age of healthcare, where optimizing your online presence is essential for building a successful brand. To attract and retain patients, focus on local SEO for healthcare — an effective digital marketing strategy that increases your practice’s visibility in local searches. In this article, we’ll examine 15 successful local SEO tactics suitable […]

The 3 Core Components of a Strong Healthcare SEO Strategy

healthcare seo strategy

When it comes to establishing a strong online presence, knowing the 3 core components of an effective healthcare SEO strategy is every medical brand’s way to success.  In this blog, we’ll discuss the ways healthcare brands and providers can utilize these three components to create a solid marketing strategy and enhance their digital presence.  The […]

How To Create a Solid Marketing Strategy for Healthcare [The Foolproof Guide]

how to create a solid marketing strategy for healthcare

Healthcare providers, regardless of their size, are in the business of delivering quality care to their patients. However, with the increase in competition and the ever-changing healthcare industry, a well-planned and executed healthcare marketing strategy is now crucial for the success of any healthcare business.  In this article, we will discuss how to create a […]

Content Marketing Strategy for Healthcare: The Importance of Google E-E-A-T

content marketing strategy for healthcare

Just like any other healthcare facility, you wanted to rank no. 1 in Google search results. There are a lot of factors that you have to consider in improving your content marketing strategy for healthcare brands. One of the most important things to factor in is Google E-A-T, which recently got an extra E based […]

Top 5 Marketing Strategies for Healthcare That You Need To Implement ASAP

marketing strategies for healthcare

Marketing strategies for healthcare practitioners keep on changing these days and this is a continuous process. New techniques are being developed all the time, but still we can find some old-fashioned methods that are still relevant and working.  So, why not combine them together and get maximum results?  Healthcare marketing strategies do not give instant […]

6 Powerful Medical Video Marketing Ideas

Medical Video Marketing

Are you looking to increase your digital presence and connect with more patients? Try medical video marketing! Videos are now a major force in content marketing. Hubspot reports that 92% of marketers believe video content is an integral part of their marketing strategies as it is effective in capturing attention and retaining it. On average, […]

9 Best Practices for Healthcare Facebook Ads


The modern healthcare process starts online. Healthcare Facebook ads can help optometrists, therapists, orthodontists, and other professionals reach their present and potential clients. Facebook offers businesses a wide range of digital advertising targeting choices to connect with a relevant audience. However, when you add in Facebook’s “personal traits” restrictions and HIPAA compliance, ad targeting can […]

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