Six Ways To Boost Your Healthcare Website SEO in 1 Month

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In business, beating your competitors should be one of the most critical objectives toward success, which is also true in the healthcare industry. As more and more patients search for information online, having a good healthcare SEO strategy has become very important. These days, looking up anything online brings up a large number of search […]

All The Healthcare Marketing Statistics To Pay Close Attention To In 2022

healthcare marketing statistics 2022

The modern healthcare industry has become more complex due to a variety of factors, including the imminent COVID-19 crises and the role of the internet in the dissemination of healthcare-related information among millions. A strong healthcare marketing strategy is the key to educating, retaining, engaging, and motivating potential, existing, and new patients in the digital […]

How Online Reviews Affect SEO for Doctors

How Online Reviews Affect SEO for Doctors

Having a good online reputation is just as important as having an active and optimized website. SEO Guide’s analysis of SEO ranking factors found online reviews are the most important factor in establishing and improving SEO-driven outcomes. Modern patients prefer reading online reviews to increase their trust and to make appointments with healthcare providers. They […]

5 Proven Medical SEO Solutions that Bring More Traffic and Conversions

5 Proven Medical SEO Solutions that Bring More Traffic and Conversions]

Are you looking for SEO solutions that actually work? You’re likely here for any of these reasons: Patients can’t find your website. Your website traffic has been steadily declining in the past months. Your volume of leads and calls suddenly dropped. You’re starting a healthcare website and need to quickly scale up your business. Healthcare […]

Medical SEO Guide: How to Top Search Engines (Successfully)

Medical SEO Guide: How to Top Search Engines (Successfully)

The healthcare industry is one of the few industries that remain operational in an age where almost everything can be purchased digitally. But that doesn’t mean healthcare providers don’t have to strengthen their online presence.  In fact, they highly need it now. Modern patients meet with their doctor in person, but the search for the […]