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9 Best Practices for Healthcare Facebook Ads


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The modern healthcare process starts online. Healthcare Facebook ads can help optometrists, therapists, orthodontists, and other professionals reach their present and potential clients.

Facebook offers businesses a wide range of digital advertising targeting choices to connect with a relevant audience. However, when you add in Facebook’s “personal traits” restrictions and HIPAA compliance, ad targeting can get daunting for healthcare marketing firms.

How do I start with my Facebook ad campaign? What works best? How can I continue to comply?

Don’t raise your hands just yet if you’re a healthcare marketer who is asking these questions. You can develop a planned and successful digital marketing plan for your medical practice with our Facebook targeting strategy.

Keep reading below to learn the best practices that you can implement on your healthcare Facebook advertising campaigns!

9 Best Practices for Healthcare Facebook Ads

Did you know creating Facebook Ads could help you reach your target audience? Here’s how:

Use Web Traffic and Lookalike Audiences

how to create lookalike audience for healthcare facebook ads

Most healthcare organizations are unable to upload patient lists for Facebook Ad targeting because of HIPAA rules.

On the other hand, you can use custom audiences based on users who have interacted with your prior advertising, articles, or site.

You can track certain web traffic and retarget those users by installing the Facebook Pixel on your website. This website traffic can be directed to either the entire website or selected web pages.

Use Video Ads Where Possible

Try using videos in your healthcare Facebook advertising strategy.

The majority of marketers concur that videos are more effective at grabbing viewers’ attention rapidly in the Facebook feed and at conveying a message. This creative content format outperforms static graphics.

Therefore, when using videos, marketers frequently experience a 2x increase in click-through rate and increased conversions.

Follow the Funnel

Healthcare is not an exception to the rule that every social media marketing strategy you choose should have a defined location in the sales funnel!

  • Awareness: These efforts, sometimes described as the “top of the funnel,” are directed at a large audience in an effort to spark interest in your services and/or raise awareness of your profession.
  • Consideration: Sometimes known as the “middle of the funnel,” these campaigns encourage consumers to begin considering your practice and seeking out more details about it.
  • Conversion: These “bottom of the funnel” advertising campaigns persuade potential customers to take action, such as making an appointment, if they are interested in your services.

Decide which part of your sales funnel is meant to target before you even start to create it. How will this campaign improve your ROI while guiding the buyer’s journey?

You can choose the marketing objectives, target audiences, formats, locations, and material to utilize by answering these questions.

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Show Patient Reviews on Your Facebook Page

Pillpack’s A Better, Simpler Pharmacy facebook ad
Facebook ad by Pillpack

Even without videos, you can still use appealing patient testimonials in your Facebook Ad campaigns.

As an alternative, you can use the written comments from your practice’s listings on Google or other websites that allow patients to rate doctors.

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Adhere to Facebook’s Policies

It can be a little tricky to advertise healthcare products in this way on Facebook, but as long as you follow the guidelines, you can participate.

A healthcare marketing agency must be mindful of Facebook’s numerous advertising regulations addressing personal attributes. If an ad doesn’t follow the rules, Facebook will reject it and it won’t run.

Read more about Meta’s Advertising Standards here.

Create a Powerful Tagline

Typically, it takes several impressions for someone to respond to your Facebook advertisement.

Therefore, a potential patient is more likely to recall your office brand if your advertisement is more memorable. Using a tagline is a fantastic method to do this.

Think about general ways to convey the values that your brand represents.

MDLive’s urgent-er care facebook ad
Facebook ad by MDLive

Keep an Eye on the Competition

Do you want to create Facebook Ads that stand out from the competition? Well, then you need to keep up with what they’re doing.

The days of buying publications or driving past billboards to view your competitors’ advertisements are long gone.

With Facebook, it’s never been simpler to access Facebook Ad Library and observe your competitors’ messaging strategies. By inputting a Facebook Page Title or other keywords, you can use this page to search for advertisements that are appearing on Facebook and Instagram. 

Although you should never copy or imitate an advertisement from your competitors, it is a good idea to keep an eye on what they are doing so that you may better customize your own advertisements to your target market.

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Match Demographics and Services

You are aware of the services your practice provides and the patients who are more likely to need them. Therefore, you can target the demographic that is most likely to react when you deliver ads by using Facebook’s demographic targeting features. 

This may consist of:

  • Age
  • Stage of life
  • Gender
  • Income level
  • Job
  • Are they married? Do they have children? How old are their children?
  • Interests, from Star Wars, mountain biking, or even being a Subaru owner

Focus on Retargeting Effectively

In the field of internet marketing, coincidence does not exist. It’s hardly a sign from the cosmos if you see an internet advertisement for a pair of shoes you viewed a couple of weeks ago.

Retargeting is important to digital advertisers because it encourages repeat visits from website visitors who have already shown interest in your goods or services. In fact, retargeting ads have an average click-through rate that is 10 times higher than display ads, according to data from 99Firms. You’re losing out big time if your website doesn’t already have Facebook Pixel installed for retargeting.

There are several techniques to increase your conversions for past website visits in the field of lead generation, which is where the majority of health and wellness companies are. Targeting visitors to your “Contact” page who did not convert is one of the best ways to increase conversion rates.

Improve Your Healthcare Advertising Campaign with Facebook Ads Today!


These nine tips are excellent to keep in mind as you begin your Facebook Ads strategy, but by merely getting started and working through it, you will probably discover a lot more about how to obtain your distinctive messaging in front of qualified leads. 

It’s time to get healthcare consumers engaging with your practice by embracing your Facebook campaign!

How do you create profitable Facebook ads for your healthcare brand? Share your experience in the comments below! Need more healthcare marketing tips? Visit the Digitalis blog or get in touch with our healthcare marketers!

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